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WBL is a collaborative tripartite partnership involving the University, the student and the Industry. All the partners need to work together for ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills.

The WBL modules are offered every year during the long vacation period June-July. Students may register for the following three credits - bearing practice modules:

Trainee undergraduates would develop competencies in seven core areas namely communication, team working, improving own learning and performance, solving problems, working & applying numbers, using IT and developing professional skills. Students are assessed progressively at three academic levels.

Six credits are added without impinging on existing programmes structures. This ensures that programmes of studies are not diluted i.e. core modules or departmental electives are not compromised. The performance of the students in the work settings are assessed progressively at levels 1, 2 and 3 using appropriate assessment tools specifically designed for the purpose. Successful students would accrue the allocated credits. This contributes towards the enhancement of the undergraduate students’ fitness for purpose and practice thereby enhancing their employability and employment prospects.

WBL Activities


The University stresses on an approach to the WBL Practice which is:

• Reflective

• Learner Centred

• Applied (Theory into Practice)

• Mentor supported

• Collaborative

• Relevant to the continued personal and professional development of students.

Work Based Learning (WBL)