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Role of Students

Students are required:

- To engage fully during planned Work-based Learning program in order to achieve the stipulated   learning outcomes;

- To inform the Link Tutor or the WBL Unit of any issue which is likely to affect the achievement     of the agreed learning outcome for the WBL programme;

- To conform to the regulations and policies of the placement organisation;

- To maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information concerning the organisation and its     business;

- To notify the mentor of the placement organisation and University, in advance where possible,     of any absences or lateness from scheduled work hours in line with the University protocol;

- To complete the WBL portfolio and evaluation form following completion of the placement

- To submit the portfolio to the WBL Unit within the specified deadline;

- To be an ambassador of the University when gaining the WBL experience.

Role of Mentors

The following elicit the role of the mentors at the placement settings:

- To define clearly the types and nature of placement learning opportunities available in the

- To induct, support and provide learning opportunities to meet the WBL needs of the students;

- To review and assess the students’ progress during the placement learning episode;

- To provide relevant and organisation specific information on regulations, health & safety policies   and the nature of the business;

- To enable the student to gain a fair, safe and equitable WBL opportunities;

- To advise the Link Tutors or WBL Coordinators of any issues which may affect the students’
  experience and outcome during a planned WBL Practice;

- To conduct the WBL assessment in line with the agreed assessment process and criteria;

- To assist and guide the student in the development and completion of the WBL E-Portfolio in
  accordance with the stipulated guidelines;

- To work in partnership with the University in the maintenance and enhancement of the quality
  of the WBL opportunities; and

- To complete the periodic audit in order to assure the continued educational suitability of the
  WBL environment and provision.

Role of Link Tutors

The Link Tutors are required to:

- Visit the students at the placement setting and monitor achievement of learning outcomes,
  compilation of evidence and completion of stipulated learning outcomes;

- Provide guidance and support on request and act as the initial university contact for students
  experiencing difficulties during WBL;

- Respond to student queries/concerns related to the WBL experience and assessment process;

- Provide feedback to link areas on student evaluations of their experience;

- Ensure that mentors return all assessment forms in due time.

WBL Activities


The University stresses on an approach to the WBL Practice which is:

• Reflective

• Learner Centred

• Applied (Theory into Practice)

• Mentor supported

• Collaborative

• Relevant to the continued personal and professional development of students.

Work Based Learning (WBL)