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Steps for Placement


1. In line with existing university procedures, students are required to register provisionally for the     WBL modules using the OMRS (Online Faculty Registration Systems). Registration is opened for     the first WBL module (WBL 1000) at the start of each semester under the same process as for       the other modules. Registration for module WBL 2000 and WBL 3000 is opened at the start of     semester two.

2. Registration is confirmed once placements have been secured. This will be subject to availability     for the respective field of practice and study discipline.

Selection Process
Mentor capacity and limited placement availability influence the allocation of suitable placements for students.

The selection and allocation of placements are made by the Placement Management System (PMS) taking into account:

1. Requirements of placement settings and hosting organisations as mentioned in WBL
    Recruitment of Trainee Form submitted by employers.
2. Students’ fields of practice and study discipline.
3. Students’ choice of districts made on the OMRS


1. The WBL Unit secures placement from potential placement providers.
2. Placement Offers are allocated to students by the PMS.
3. Students are informed about the offer of placement by emails.
4. Link Tutors may be assigned to students.
5. The WBL Unit provides placement settings and hosting organisations with relevant information     as regards to the students joining them.

Note: Students may secure their own placement. However, approval of the organisation as a placement setting is subject to the work place meeting the requirements of the WBL setting. Students are advised to seek their placement well in advanced of the training so that the University can ensure the necessary follow up with the organisation concerned

Student Placement Preparatory Session

A preparatory session is organised for the students prior to their placement. Code of conduct, e-portfolio writing as well as assessment methods are explained to students. They are provided with necessary documentation and tools to embark on their placement. Their rights and responsibilities during the WBL Practice are also spelled out.

WBL Activities


The University stresses on an approach to the WBL Practice which is:

• Reflective

• Learner Centred

• Applied (Theory into Practice)

• Mentor supported

• Collaborative

• Relevant to the continued personal and professional development of students.

Work Based Learning (WBL)