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The primary objective is to enable our undergraduate students to gain experience in the real world of work in order to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes which will enhance their professional development and employability as well as inculcate a work ethics culture.

Mentor 's Statement

"The placement provides students with teaching and learning skills. Moreover, students learn how to get fully integrated in the school family.This gives them a prior taste about teaching if they are interested in this teaching profession."

Mrs. A.B. Ramgoolam. Head of Department English. Swami Vivekananda SSS. (mentor)

"The WBL Programme brings multi-dimensional opportunities to work-based learners who are willing to venture on the pathway of the teaching profession. A glimpse of the work setting of the school at large is at least acquired through the six week placement.”

Mr.Lallbeeharry. Head of Dept. Asian Languages at SVSSS. (mentor)

WBL Activities


The University stresses on an approach to the WBL Practice which is:

• Reflective

• Learner Centred

• Applied (Theory into Practice)

• Mentor supported

• Collaborative

• Relevant to the continued personal and professional development of students.

Work Based Learning (WBL)