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Assessment Procedures

During the six-to-eight weeks’ WBL Practice, undergraduate students are supervised by a trained mentor(s) from the participating organisation. The trained mentor(s) assesses the student at mid-point during the WBL episode using specific learning outcome for a set of core competencies, namely communication, team working, improving own learning and performance, problem solving, using and applying numbers, using IT, developing professionalism. The assessment at this stage is formative and provides feedback and guidance to the students and the Link Tutors about students’ progress.

The mentor(s) provides the students with ongoing feedback on their performance and assists them in the compilation of their portfolio.

At the end of the WBL episode, the mentor(s) makes a summative assessment of the student’s overall performance and award marks for each of the seven competencies using the specific assessment criteria provided in the relevant WBL Practice Module. Mentors submit the assessment forms containing the marks awarded to the WBL Unit within one week following completion of the WBL experience.

Necessary documentation for making the summative assessment will be forwarded to the mentor(s) during the course of the training. Students on their side will complete their e-portfolio and proceed with on-line submission. The WBL unit will thereon moderate and process the marks as per established procedures.

Results of WBL Modules will be presented to and ratified by Board of Examiners in accordance with assessment regulations of the University.

Existing UoM Regulations would apply, however the following “customised” regulations would be relevant:

Attendance and Progress

“ A student will be required to attend regularly his/her scheme of study i.e. his/her placement (normally at least 80% attendance) and to submit written work by the appointed dates. The Senate may, on the recommendation of the Faculty/ Centre/ Cluster Board, suspend or preclude from further study any student whose attendance or progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Absence due to ill health must immediately be notified by the student to the Dean of the Faculty/ Director of Centre concerned through the Programme Coordinator. A student who is unable to attend for more than three days, for any reason must notify, in writing, the Dean of Faculty/ Centre Director through his/her Programme Coordinator, and supply relevant documentation. Final approval rests with the Dean/ Director. It will be the responsibility of the student to make up for missed events and to complete the relevant requirements.”

Work Based Learning (WBL)