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(1) How do I register for the WBL modules?

You follow the same process as you do for all your other modules i.e use the Online Module Registration System (OMRS). Registration for WBL modules are opened at the start of the semester as it is for all your other modules. You may register for WBL 1000 on either semester. Registration for WBL 2000 and 3000 are opened on semester 2 only.

(2) For which WBL module should I register?

If you are doing WBL for the first time, you should register for WBL 1000; WBL 2000 is for those who have successfully completed WBL 1000; You can register for WBL 3000 if you have successfully completed WBL 2000.

(3) Once I register, is it compulsory for the University to secure a placement for me?

Your registration is provisional and is subject to availability of placement. The University facilitates the placement process, but cannot ascertain that a placement will be assigned to you.

(4) How does the University allocate placements secured from organisations to students?

The University uses a tailor-made Placement Management System (PMS) to perform the allocation of placement to students. The system takes into account the districts you stated on your registration from the OMRS, the area of the placement setting, the field of study from which the placement provider wishes to offer the placement etc.

(5) How will I know if I have been offered a placement?

Placement offers will be communicated to selected students as from the month of March through e-mail. You are strongly advised to check your UOM mail regularly. In case you do not respond to the mail, the offer will lapse after some days and will be reallocated to other students.

(6) May I look for a placement myself?

Yes, you may seek your own placement. However, you should forward your confirmed offer to the WBL Unit within the deadline set which is generally at the end of the last working day of March. The WBL Unit will then ensure the necessary follow up with the organisation concerned.

(7) I was not offered any placement this year, will I be on a priority list for next year?

No. You should register again on the next academic year. Placement allocation depends upon offers made by placement providers to the University. Unfortunately, placement providers do not make the same offers every year.

(8) How long is the training and when does it start?

The WBL placement is of 6-8 weeks duration. You should complete a minimum of 6 weeks. The training generally starts at the first week of June every year.

(9) What if I decide to terminate the WBL Placement after having myself accepted the offer?

Your case will be referred to the Board of Examinations. You have to bear in mind that there are many students that are not being offered the opportunity and could have benefited in your place. In addition, the University does not want to lose its reputation towards the placement provider. You will be penalised for terminating your placement unless you have proper justification.

(10) The WBL modules are credit-rated, how will I be assessed on placement?

You will develop competencies in seven core areas:

i. communication,
ii. team working,
iii. improving own learning and performance,
iv. solving problems,
v. working & applying numbers,
vi. using IT and
vii. developing professional skills

You will be assessed on same. Your mentor will make a formative assessment at mid-point during the traineeship (after the 3rd week) and a summative assessment at the end of your training programme.

(11) What is the difference between formative and summative assessment?

Formative assessment provides feedback to students. Its main purpose is to allow you to know how you are performing and how you may improve yourself. Summative assessment is the final assessment. The marks awarded are the final judgement of your mentor.

(12) Should I complete the student’s portfolio by myself?

You have to provide all the evidences of the learning outcomes achieved and complete the portfolio by yourself. Moreover, your mentor has to endorse your attendance. The portfolio will be used to validate the marks awarded by your mentor.

(13) How should I submit my e-portfolio?

The e-portfolio should be submitted on-line by the deadline set. The date as well as the necessary instruction will be communicated to you during the Student Placement Preparatory Session prior to the placement.

(14) Who do I contact at the University in case of any difficulty?

You may address yourself to the WBL Unit at the Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning, University of Mauritus, Reduit.

WBL Activities


The University stresses on an approach to the WBL Practice which is:

• Reflective

• Learner Centred

• Applied (Theory into Practice)

• Mentor supported

• Collaborative

• Relevant to the continued personal and professional development of students.

Work Based Learning (WBL)