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(1) What are my responsibilities as mentor?

As mentor you are responsible for the following:

- Induct, support and provide learning opportunities to meet the Work-based Learning needs of
  the student;
- Review and assess the students progress during the placement learning episode;
- Provide relevant and organisations specific information on regulations, health & safety policies
  and the nature of the business;
- Enable the student to gain a fair, safe and equitable Work-based Learning opportunity;
- Conduct the assessment in line with the agreed assessment process and criteria.

(2) How long is the traineeship?

The WBL placement is for a duration of 6-8 weeks where students will have to complete a minimum of 6 weeks placement learning.

(3) How many students may I supervise for a WBL episode?

You may supervise a maximum of three students at any level. Experienced mentor may however supervised more students.

(4) Which assessment do I have to make?

You have to make a formative assessment at mid-point during the traineeship (after the 3rd week) and a summative assessment at the end of the training programme. The University will provide to you the necessary documentation to perform the summative assessment during the course of the placement.

(5) What is the difference between formative and summative assessment?

- Formative assessment provides feedback to students. Its main purpose is to allow students to
  know how they are performing and how they may improve themselves.

- Summative assessment is the final assessment. The marks awarded are your final judgment and
  will count towards the number of credits accumulated by the students. Summative marking
  must be made in strict confidentiality.

(6) What should I do with students that have never attended or have terminated their placement without justification?

The University highly valued the placement offer you made to us. You complete the assessment form with zero marks awarded for each competency. Place a footnote stating that the student never attended or terminate his placement by himself.

(7) Where should I return the assessment forms?

All assessment forms duly completed should be returned under confidential cover to the WBL Unit at the Centre for inovative and Lifelong Learning, University of Mauritus, Reduit.

(8) Which part should I complete in the students e-portfolio?

You have to complete the part on formative assessment and interview session. Further, you have to endorse the students attendance and evidence written by the student on his learning outcomes achieved. The e-portfolio is for the student and all the writings should be carried out by the student except for a few parts that are addressed to the mentor.

(9) When will the student get his WBL marks?

The marks awarded will be validated against the evidence demonstrated by the student in his e-portfolio. The student will be awarded grades after the Board of Exam has considered the results.

(10) Who do I contact at the University in case of any difficulty?

You may either contact the Link Tutor of the student or you may address yourself to the WBL Coordinators at the Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning, University of Mauritus, Reduit.

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