6.4.3 Types of Population Pyramids

There are generally three types of population pyramids created from age-sex distributions--expansive, constrictive and stationary.

EXPANSIVE population pyramids show larger numbers or percentages of the population in the younger age groups. These types of pyramids are usually found in populations with very large fertility rates and lower than average life expectancies. The age-sex distributions of many Third World countries would probably display expansive population pyramids.

CONSTRICTIVE population pyramids display lower numbers or percentages of younger people. The age-sex distributions of the United States fall into this type of pyramid.

STATIONARY or near-stationary population pyramids display somewhat equal numbers or percentages for almost all age groups. Of course, smaller figures are still to be expected at the oldest age groups. The age-sex distributions of some European countries, especially Scandinavian ones, will tend to fall into this category.

Types of Population Pyramids