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Vice-Chancellor’s Message


The research process is incomplete if it does not comprise the dissemination of research findings. In order to cater for this important component of the research process, since 2007, the Research Week has been organised almost every year by the University of Mauritius. This annual event aims to provide opportunities for researchers in different disciplines to present their work at the same forum and to foster an environment for staff and students to learn about ongoing research conducted on campus.

With the new challenges facing the tertiary education sector in Mauritius, the University of Mauritius is also bound to evolve to meet these changing needs and therefore has to be properly tooled to address this goal.

In this regard, as far as research is concerned, with the restructuring of the University of Mauritius, more emphasis is being laid on Research and Development namely through the appointment of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia), the adoption of a system of independent peer reviews in the areas of research, a policy for patenting inventions from university research and brokering these patents to business and start-ups, the setting up of a UoM Research and Development Fund to finance advanced research activities and to develop the appropriate infrastructure on the campus, amongst others.

There are also several other ways of dissemination of research findings which need to be fully explored by University staff and students. More importance has to be given to applied research in order to come up with solutions with respect to practical problems encountered by the public at large.

Moreover, in connection with funding available for research at the level of the Tertiary Education Commission, thirty-four (34) research proposals namely six (6) from the Faculty of Agriculture, eleven (11) from the Faculty of Engineering and seventeen (17) from the Faculty of Science amounting to a total of some Rs thirty five (35) million were submitted to TEC for consideration in November 2012. However, TEC has recently (31 May 2013) informed us that there is no provision in its budget to fund the said research proposals.

Witnessing the high turnout of participants for the last edition of the UoM Research Week, this year also, there will be a dedicated Research Day for each Faculty.

I encourage all staff and students to seize this opportunity to demonstrate their research capabilities and I hope to get a positive response. I thank the Organising Committee for the excellent work done so far.

I wish you all fruitful interactions and deliberations for this sixth edition of the UoM Research Week.

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Professor H C S Rughooputh

UoM Research Week 2013