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5th Research Week 2012




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Vice-Chancellor’s Message

The objects of the University of Mauritius as set out in Section 4 of the UoM Act 1971 amended in 1992 read as follows:  “The objects of the University shall be to provide facilities for and to engage in teaching and research and thereby to promote the advancement of learning and knowledge”

Research therefore is and shall remain one of the main raison-d’être of the University of Mauritius.  Research for the sake of research alone does not suffice if the findings are not disseminated.  The Research Week is one of the means that has been adopted in this direction. Since 2007, the University of Mauritius has been organizing, on a yearly basis, the Research Week with the aim of stimulating a strong research culture among UoM staff and students as well as providing an interactive platform to researchers in all disciplines for presentation of their work at the same forum. Through these regular activities, much importance is being laid on research output and collaborative research, thereby providing additional incentives to UoM academics to consolidate and further the development of the institution’s research potential.

I am aware that much research is being carried out by staff of the University of Mauritius, a large proportion of which does not get disseminated sufficiently in such a way as to benefit society at large.  Most of our academics are satisfied with publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals.  While this is essential for any academic, we must also balance this with a meaningful level of community engagement and development activities.  Our parent Minister, the Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology, is laying considerable emphasis on research that will directly address issues of national interest and help in meeting Government’s vision for a sustainable development of various sectors of the country.  In this context, there are a number of measures to increase research output already in place, e.g. free access to some ScienceDirect journals and other databases, as well as increased research funding.  This year alone, a sum of Rs 30 million may be made available to the University by the Tertiary Education Commission for research.  Obviously the research has to be of high level, quality and in topical fields which will be of benefit to the country.

The total sum of our past, current and ongoing research represents a gold mine for the country, in areas ranging from agriculture, engineering, chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, food science, social science, languages and humanities.  However, the uptake and application of this research is an issue that, until now, has not been adequately explored. I assure you of my full support in this endeavour to further develop efficient University mechanisms for research uptake and application in the near future.

I firmly believe that research is, and shall remain, instrumental in the personal as well as professional development of UoM academics. I hold high hopes that this Research Week at the University of Mauritius shall effectively assist in promoting research.

As for the last Edition of the UoM Research Week, wider participation is being encouraged through a dedicated Research Day for each Faculty. It is hoped that our staff and students will take full advantage of this event and I look forward to a positive outcome.

Allow me to take this opportunity to announce that my office will soon be developing University capacity to put in place appropriate mechanisms for ensuring that the research output of the University is taken up and adopted by the end user.

My wish is that you make the most of all your interactions and find stronger ground for sustainable collaboration.

Prof Harry C S Rughooputh

Final Programme - UoM Research Week 2012