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4th Research Week 2011




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Vice-Chancellor's Message

Research Week has always been a celebration of our achievements but the vision of the University of Mauritius is to transform it into a mechanism, not just for celebration, but also for encouraging the development of our research potential.

The Research Week, aimed at fostering a culture of sharing and innovation at the University of Mauritius, has been running for the past three years. In 2007, the theme proposed was Research and Innovations Challenges. The coming year saw the contribution of a team of researchers centered around the topic of Sustainable Development and Innovation, while the 2009-2010 edition broadened its focus to Sustainable Green Intelligent and Innovative Island.

However, in an attempt to further consolidate the research potential of staff and students alike, this Research Week 2011 will provide each Faculty with one full day to showcase their potential and to highlight viable long-term projects. This shift in focus bears testimony to an increasing decentralization process that will result in heightened staff involvement at both inter and intra-departmental levels. For the 2011 edition, new research initiatives will come from members of each department who will then have the task to turn these into reality.

As an additional incentive, each Faculty will be provided with Rs. 1 million from the University Research Fund to be allocated under a peer review process to enable the best research ideas to become a reality. It is hoped that through such a proactive measure, the Research Week will then become a regular feature of our calendar and will act as a mechanism to encourage staff members and students to increase their research output, secure in the knowledge that there is a source of funding available to back up their dreams and to transform embryonic ideas into concrete facts.

It is hoped all staff and students will embrace this initiative and will use it as a springboard to further success.

Programme - UoM Research Week 2011

Prof K Morgan