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40 Years of The University of Mauritius

The University of Mauritius puts a high priority on research.

The second Research Week of the University of Mauritius will be held during the Sports Week (August-September 2008).

One of Research Week’s mandates is sharing and disseminating research results. This event aims at bringing to the attention of the general public and researchers the University’s contribution to advancement of the frontiers of knowledge including its contribution to national development. Research Week gives faculty and students a chance to share some of their latest work with the university community and to provide new researching ideas to the world.

The event, sponsored by the Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Office for Research, Consultancy and Innovation, is open to all faculty, students, post-doctoral fellows, residents, technologists and affiliated researchers. The event is also open to the public.

This year’s theme for Research Week profiles and celebrates a variety of innovative programs, research initiatives and projects that address Sustainable Development & Innovation.  Emphasis will be also placed on promoting Innovation and University-Industry Interaction.

The purpose of this symposium is to:

  • bring the campus under one research umbrella;
  • promote and encourage excellence in University research;
  • provide a venue for students and faculty to share their work with the campus community;
  • provide opportunity for university academics to link to the business world;
  • provide opportunity for undergrads to prepare and present their work presentations, to learn about and become involved in university research efforts;
  • provide opportunities for researchers in all disciplines to present their work at the same forum and innovate ideas in interdisciplinary fields;
  • give a flavour of the different range of research technologies and resources available;
  • provide opportunity for prospective students to consider UOM for their higher education;
  • promote teamwork;
  • provide opportunity to identify funding sources for specific awards;
  • provide opportunity to undergraduate and postgraduate students to consider their career prospects;

There will be two categories of presentations: oral presentations and poster sessions.  Presentations will typically be 15-20 minutes, grouped with other similar topics, with time for questions.

Full paper submission for the UoM Research Journal must follow journal’s format. The papers (including poster papers) will appear online as a special issue of the UOM Research Journal. 

Submission of Full Papers: 15 September 2008

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