Chapter 4


Learning Objectives
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Different types of secondary storage devices
4.2 Floppy Disks

4.2.1 Taking care of your floppy

4.3 Hard Disks

4.3.1 Internal and external hard disks

4.4 Optical Disks

4.4.1 CD-ROM

4.4.2 CD-R

4.4.3 CD-RW

4.4.4 DVD

4.4.5 CD/DVD Care

4.5 Other secondary storage devices

4.5.1 Magnetic tapes

4.5.2 Solid state storage devices

4.6 Further readings

- Multiple Choice Questions

- Open-Ended questions

4.1 Different types of secondary storage devices
There exists different types of secondary storage devices, each of them suitable for a different purpose. They mainly differ in the following aspects:

  • Technology used to store data

  • Capacity of data they can hold

  • Size of storage device

  • Portability of storage device and

  • Access time to stored data.

Currently the most common forms of secondary storage device are:

  • Floppy disks

  • Hard disks

  • Optical Disks

  • Magnetic Tapes.

  • Solid State Devices

Understanding the characteristics of each of them would help you choose the most appropriate storage device to hold your data.